Minecraft World Checker

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A Small Tool for rescue and maintenance your Minecraft Worlds, insperated by Fenixin/Minecraft-Region-Fixer, optimized for commandline usage, and integration into a Backup and Recovery Process. Using twoolie/NBT a Python Parser/Writer for the NBT file format, for reading and fixing the World Data Files.

For more informations take a look to the Documentation.


  • Scanning Region Files, for to many Entities, corrupted or wrong located Chunks. (repairing planed)

  • Saving the Report as YAML, for later usage.

  • Different commandline output formats.

    • YAML, for Script usage.

    • COMMANDLINE, as Human readable commandline Report.

  • Configurable over Command Line Parameters (using click), or Config File (using anyconfig)(planed).

Supported Systems

For executing you need Python 3.5 or later, or you use the Preconfigured Docker Container from DockerHub. Tested with a Minecraft 1.13.2 World.

Using as Python CLI

This Tool are published at pypi.org, and be install with pip. It is recommendet to use a virtualenv to avoid any Dependency correlations.

pip install mcworldmanager

Using as Container

The Container is based on python:3.7-alpine, and automatical build on DockerHub.

docker run -it \
  --user=${UID}:$(id -g $(whoami)) \
  -w /tmp/worlds \
  -v /tmp/worlds:/tmp/worlds \
  nolte/minecraft-world-manager:latest -v worlds /tmp/worlds

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